Full service Software Escrow from the specialists in Switzerland.

Securely deposit software source code, technology, data and documents with swissEscrow.

Become independent of the developer or supplier.

Who is Software
Escrow for?

With Software Escrow, the developer and the client benefit equally.

The source code of software, certain data, technologies and documents are the trade secret of the developer and are not accessible to the client. 

If this software or data is deposited with swissEscrow, the client gets access to it when predefined conditions are met.

For the developer

Using Software Escrow gives the developer several strong selling points:

It reinforces customer confidence
It strengthens partnership with the client
It protects their own intellectual property
It minimises the risk of litigation

For the client

Using Software Escrow gives the client an insurance policy against the possible failure of the developer:

They can access to data should the developer become unavailable
They remain independent of the developer
They retain control over data
They strengthen their autonomy
They run less risk of dependency
Their cash flow is protected

The principle behind escrow data upload

The data centres we use


Centrally located in the economic triangle of Zurich-Berne-Basel
All data remains in Switzerland at all times


Backup power supply from two different substations
Backup diesel generators and UPS systems, stand-alone generator operation
Fail-safe air-conditioning

Data handling

Data transfer encrypted and password protected
Data storage encrypted
Upload using a temporary, password-protected link
Optional direct connection of the depositor
Daily backups


TIER4 safety standard
Video surveillance outdoors and indoors
Round-the-clock operation with on-site security staff and technicians
Access control with ID badge and pin code plus biometric recognition
Early fire detection system


Information security standard ISO 27001
Energy management standard ISO 50001
LL-C-certified operating processes
SOC 1 and SOC 2 approved company
PCI DSS compliant
ISAE3402 audit report

We cover the full spectrum of Software Escrow.

Deposit the source code of software, cloud software, Software as a Service (SaaS), third-party technologies and all other important data and documents with swissEscrow.

swissEscrow offers personalised escrow services tailored to your needs.

Source Code Escrow

Source Code Escrow

Business-critical software is a crucial factor in every company. Protect your investment - secure your operations and processes.

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Saas Escrow

SaaS Escrow

Does your business rely on cloud software (Software as a Service, or SaaS)? Saas escrow makes you independent of the provider.

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Technologie Escrow

Technology Escrow (intellectual property)

Are there any important third party technologies in use in your company? For example, machine or equipment control data, etc.?

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Daten & Dokumenten Escrow

Data and Document Escrow

All other types of data, online or physical, can also be deposited with swissEscrow.

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Everything else you need to know...

You can find further questions and answers in our comprehensive FAQs. Our experts will also be happy to advise you personally on all matters relating to Software Escrow.

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Where are deposited data and documents stored?

Data submitted online is stored in encrypted form exclusively on servers in data centres located in Switzerland. These data centres meet the highest security standards (daily backups, emergency power backup systems, fail-safe air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, strict access control and video surveillance).

Software and data can be submitted to swissEscrow online and encrypted. Physical objects (data carriers and documents) are stored securely in the vault of a Swiss bank.

When are deposited software and documents released again?

In the escrow agreement, the conditions under which data can be released are agreed upon in advance. If the beneficiary requests the release of the data, swissEscrow informs the depositor in advance.

Who monitors the content of the deposited objects?

The depositor and the beneficiary are alone responsible for the content of the deposited objects (data carriers, documents, etc.). In the case of software and document escrow, swissEscrow subjects the data carrier or source code or the documents to a standard check (plausibility, virus check, etc.).

It is possible for the beneficiary to monitor or check the delivery of the software or data on site at swissEscrow.

Who is behind swissEscrow?

swissEscrow is a service of swissEscrow GmbH, 8633 Wolfhausen ZH, Switzerland.

swissEscrow combines sound expertise on fiduciary and legal matters. We offer professional and individual services in the field of source code, cloud software, technology, data and document escrow.

Clearly defined values are important to us: Security, independence and neutrality, ethical business practices, service quality, customer focus, discretion - robust services of high quality.

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Become independent and minimise your risk today!

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