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swissEscrow is a Swiss company based in
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swissEscrow combines sound expertise in fiduciary and legal matters. We offer professional and comprehensive services in the field of Software-, Technology-, Data- and Document Escrow.

We are your specialised and professional point of contact for all questions relating to Software-, Technology-, Data- and Document Escrow and have extensive experience in this area. Many large and small companies in the private sector, both nationally and internationally, as well as public sector institutions, rely on our expertise and our services.

swissEscrow has the practical know-how in handling sensitive data and documents securely. Our goal is to offer our clients secure solutions with innovative services, based on a transparent and fair pricing structure.

Why choose swissescrow?

Your leading partner for Software Escrow.

swissEscrow is one of the leading escrow providers in Switzerland and Europe. Over the past few years, we have continuously expanded our range of services and helped many companies to achieve independence and security against failure. In today’s world, independence from third parties is of central importance.

Top-quality service

swissEscrow stands for top-quality service and personal support.

Highest Swiss security standards

swissEscrow is a Swiss company. Swiss reliability, security, independence and discretion are our top priorities - solid Swiss-quality services.

Professional data management

Data entrusted to us is in the best hands. We guarantee that your data and documents will be handled professionally and with care.

Customised service

We are your specialists for software escrow. Our goal is to offer the customer innovative and customised services with future-oriented solutions.

Individual contact person

At swissEscrow you are not left alone. Every client is assigned an individual contact person.

All data remains in Switzerland

All data entrusted to us is stored in highly secure data centres in Switzerland.

Our partners

Staying one step ahead of everyone.

Greater strength with great partners.

We work together with the following partners:

soxes GmbH

Tailor-made and customised Software development

Innovative cloud solutions and customised data centre services

Helvetia Versicherungen

Security for private customers and businesses

alixon gmbh

Software, internet and data management via the internet

Kn-Legal Rechtsanwälte

Legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises


We cover the full spectrum of Software Escrow.

Deposit the source code of software, cloud software, Software as a Service (SaaS), third-party technologies and all other important data and documents with swissEscrow.

swissEscrow offers personalised escrow services tailored to your needs.

Source Code Escrow

Source Code Escrow

Business-critical software is a crucial factor in every company. Protect your investment - secure your operations and processes.

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Saas Escrow

SaaS Escrow

Does your business rely on cloud software (Software as a Service, or SaaS)? Saas escrow makes you independent of the provider.

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Technologie Escrow

Technology Escrow (intellectual property)

Are there any important third party technologies in use in your company? For example, machine or equipment control data, etc.?

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Daten & Dokumenten Escrow

Data and Document Escrow

All other types of data, online or physical, can also be deposited with swissEscrow.

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Everything else you need to know...

You can find further questions and answers in our comprehensive FAQs. Our experts will also be happy to advise  you personally on all matters relating to Software Escrow.

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Where are deposited software and documents stored?

Data submitted online is stored exclusively in highly secure data centres in Switzerland. The data centres meet the highest security standards (daily backups, emergency power systems, fail-safe air conditioning, fire extinguishing system, strict access controls and video surveillance).

Both data upload and storage take place in encrypted form.

Physically submitted objects (data carriers and documents) are stored securely in the vault of a Swiss bank.

How exactly does data upload work?

swissEscrow provides the depositor with a secure link for uploading data. Via this link, they can upload their data in encrypted form, password-protected and during a limited window of time. Once the data has been uploaded, the depositor is no longer able to edit or delete it.

Is it possible to set up a permanent connection, e.g. for ongoing updates?

If desired, our technicians can set up a direct server connection via which the depositor can securely upload updates on a permanent basis and also at irregular intervals as often as needed.

Once submitted, is the data secure?

Once submitted, the data is stored securely in data centres. The data is backed up every day.

Become independent and minimise your risk today!

Are there any remaining questions we can answer for you? Please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to provide you with information.

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