Be independent of the software developer with Software Escrow

Protect your software, technologies, data and documents with software escrow. Have them deposited with swissEscrow and become independent from the software developer.

What is Software Escrow?
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What is software escrow?

Does your business rely on critical third-party software, technology, data or documents?

Software source code, technologies, and certain data or documents are the trade secret of the developer and are not accessible to the client.

However, in order to maintain and further develop the business or production, the buyer must be able to have access to this source code or data.

Now what if the developer stops providing services, goes out of business, is bought up by a competitor, goes bankrupt, or is unable or unwilling to provide support?

If the source code, these technologies, data or documents has been deposited with swissEscrow, your company will have straightforward and rapid access to them in such situations.

Software Escrow is virtually your insurance for when the developer is no longer available.

Benefits for you when
you use Software Escrow

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Keep control over software and technology

Have access to important data and technology at anytime, if the need arises.


Remain independent of the software developer

Be independent of third parties - operational safety at the highest level.


Get access to the source code when the developer is not available

Make it possible to act quickly in an emergency and so avoid losses.


Ensure continuity in digital business processes

Uninterrupted business processes - guaranteeing readiness to deliver and perform at all times.


Secure your investment in software

Make sure you get a useful return from your high-cost investments.


Protect your revenue to the full

Consistent cash flow through secured processes.

About SwissEscrow

Your leading partner for Software Escrow worldwide

swissEscrow combines sound expertise in the areas of trusteeship and law. We offer professional and individual services in the field of software, technology, data and document escrow.

A Swiss company
Many years of experience
Using servers located in Switzerland
Independent and personalised support

We cover the full spectrum of Software Escrow.

Deposit the source code of software, cloud software, Software as a Service (SaaS), third-party technologies and all other important data and documents with swissEscrow.

swissEscrow offers personalised escrow services tailored to your needs.

Source Code Escrow

Source Code Escrow

Business-critical software is a crucial factor in every company. Protect your investment - secure your operations and processes.

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Saas Escrow

SaaS Escrow

Does your business rely on cloud software (Software as a Service, or SaaS)? Saas escrow makes you independent of the provider.

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Technologie Escrow

Technology Escrow (intellectual property)

Are there any important third party technologies in use in your company? For example, machine or equipment control data, etc.?

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Daten & Dokumenten Escrow

Data and Document Escrow

All other types of data, online or physical, can also be deposited with swissEscrow.

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Everything else you need to know...

You can find further questions and answers in our comprehensive FAQs. Our experts will also be happy to advise  you personally on all matters relating to software escrow.

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What are the benefits of Software Escrow?

The protection of operational software, technologies, data and documents is crucial for your business and for your company’s success. Software Escrow caters for the interests of both developer  and client.

Who is involved in the escrow process?

In the process of software escrow software source code, data, development documents, contracts, etc are securely deposited with a neutral third party, the so-called escrow agent. The agent is only authorised to release what has been entrusted to him in certain predefined cases.

Where are deposited data and documents stored?

Software and data can be submitted to swissEscrow online and encrypted. Physical objects (data carriers and documents) are stored securely in the vault of a Swiss bank.

Data submitted online is stored in encrypted form exclusively on servers in data centres located in Switzerland. These data centres meet the highest security standards (daily backups, emergency power backup systems, fail-safe air conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, strict access control and video surveillance).

What does swissEscrow cost?

The costs of an escrow deposit consist of a one-time initialisation fee – for drafting and concluding the escrow agreement and setting up the storage location – and a monthly escrow fee. Additional services will be invoiced according to time spent.

Who is behind swissEscrow?

swissEscrow is a service of swissEscrowGmbH, 8633 Wolfhausen ZH, Switzerland.

You can find more information about our company by clicking here.

Become independent and minimise your risk today!

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